AI-Powered Solutions

for Sustainability

Foundational data and digital capabilities for your net zero transformations.

From accurate emissions insights to decarbonization strategies, optimize your operations and embrace sustainable excellence.
Automate sustainability data collection, analysis, and reporting for better financial, production, and operational decisions while ensuring compliance.
Expert consulting and technology services to help you optimize your sustainability management.

Propel Your Sustainability Journey

Are you ready to propel your sustainability journey to new heights? Our comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions tailored for asset-heavy industries offers a seamless pathway to sustainability excellence.

We know the challenges you face – from emission management, navigating compliance and reporting complexities, to long-term sustainability planning amid the evolving landscape. Our proprietary Honeycomb Model is designed to address these challenges with adaptable, forward-looking solutions that enable rapid and effective problem-solving.

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The Planckton Advantage

AI-Led, Data-First Strategy

Our foundation is a data-first, AI-led approach that harnesses granular data for robust sustainability solutions.

Actionable Insights

Built on open standards, our solutions simplify data management, integration, automation, and calculation.

Industry Specialization

Specializing in asset-heavy sectors, we tailor solutions to meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our solutions go beyond emissions reduction, encompassing a wide array of sustainability challenges related to environmental, water, waste, and air quality concerns.

Accelerated Impact

From quick wins to long-term scalability, we deliver results that accelerate value and enhance sustainability.

Global Footprint

Our global team of industry, tech, and data management experts delivers innovative solutions for your sustainability needs.

Unlock Your Emissions Data Management Potential

With Planckton Data’s proprietary Digital Carbon Emissions Assessment, you gain insights into your company’s standing vis-à-vis the industry and vis-à-vis leading practices in carbon emissions management.

This assessment is designed to enable you to improve your data management capabilities, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and drive insights for carbon reduction, all while keeping your specific net-zero goals in mind.

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Our Partnerships for

Sustainable Transformation

Forging synergies with industry leaders to propel your net zero journey.

We are here to support your organization’s sustainability goals.

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