Product Carbon Footprint

Showcase your product’s environmental stewardship with high-quality PCF statements.

The Power of Data

in Assessing Product Carbon Footprints

Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) play a crucial role in conveying the environmental attributes of products throughout their life cycle, and they serve as a competitive differentiator for suppliers who work diligently to produce products and services based on a sustainable supply chain and decrease the overall footprint of their products. As suppliers develop PCFs, it is crucial that they are based on trusted quality data.

Challenges in Generating

High-Quality PCFs


Collecting good-quality primary data requires extensive engagement from supply chain participants. Typical participation rates are below 10%.

Data Quality

Varying measures for a unit of product, data with varying regional applicability, and varying time scales are all data quality challenges for even the most engaged organizations.


Seamlessly integrating supplier-provided data with organizational data.


Adherence to the guidance and limits of what good PCF data should

At Planckton Data, we have robust data-driven solutions to bring rigor to the PCF creation process that elevates data quality and trust. Our innovative solution addresses the data challenges at every step of the PCF process.

PCF Strategy

and Getting Started

Planckton Data takes a structured approach to developing and maturing the PCF capabilities in your organization. Starting with a broad assessment of the product’s available emissions information and building a maturity roadmap to incrementally improve the quality of PCF statements. The Planckton Data approach includes:

PCF Data Maturity Framework

Utilizing frameworks and accelerators for PCF data.

Secondary Data Integrations

Integrating with various secondary sources like publicly available EEIO sources and subscription-based sources, such as Carbon Minds, to jumpstart the data collection process.

Sourcing and Ingesting

PCF Data

Supplier engagement to source primary data is a crucial next step in improving primary data. Integrating this data into internal data sources requires a clear understanding of allocation rules and processes. Planckton Data has several innovative components to enable these:

Campaign Management

Runs data collection campaigns and integrates them seamlessly.

Fleet Data
Collection Module

Collects Scope 3 Category 4 and 9 data.


Integrates with WBCSD Pathfinder APIs.

Generating Reliable

PCF Statements at Scale

Finally, Planckton Data’s PCF solution provides all the components necessary to automate PCF generation at scale. Our solution is built on industry standard practices from GHG Protocol, and ISO, leveraging the WBCSD Pathfinder model alongside industry-specific product category rules. Key solution highlights:

Automated Data Governance and Controls

Open Footprint™based data governance and controls automation.

Efficient Data Exchange Controls

WBCSD Pathfinder Network-based data exchange controls.

Incorporation of Data Quality Standards

Several data quality standards are incorporated into the PCF workflows, such as GHG Protocol and TfS.

We are here to support your
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