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Lead the charge against sustainability challenges with our AI-powered solutions. We put the power of comprehensive, auditable emissions data at your fingertips to drive precise insights and decisive actions.

With advanced, AI-enabled algorithms, we ensure accuracy and traceability, catalysing your sustainability journey.


Data Management

Build a trusted, transparent, and resilient sustainability data foundation.
Utilize effort solving sustainability objectives, not data issues.
Unlock value from data to drive better decisions.

A high-performing sustainability data management solution starts with applying the right set of data management principles. Planckton takes a data-centric approach that incorporates strong data management principles that optimize how companies collect, analyze, report, and manage their sustainability journey. Moreover, our approach aids in future-proofing data against evolving regulations and unlocks the full potential of an organization’s data assets, paving the way for resilience and forward-looking strategies.

Voluntary &

Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Efficiently and effectively meet compliance demands.
Reduce cost to stay aligned with evolving policies.
Focus on Sustainability objectives instead of data and reporting issues.
Elevate product value with environmental  certifications.

Global sustainability reporting and certification requirements are increasingly becoming more complex to prepare and require financial-grade data. To meet the accuracy, volume and velocity of these needs, traditional manual-intensive processes are severely inadequate.

Reporting accurately to the latest requirements while reducing the cost of compliance is central to our solutions. Our approach to sustainability data management is based on core accounting principles that treat it at par with financial data. Planckton Data’s sustainability experts continuously monitor changes, seamlessly integrating them into our solutions for immediate and ongoing compliance assurance. Elevate your sustainability reporting with Planckton Data’s cutting-edge approach.

Product Carbon

Footprint (PCF)

Gain insights for improving sustainability.
Risk mitigation to regulatory changes and market shifts.
Supply chain optimization.
Gain product competitive advantage.

The ability to accurately measure a product’s carbon emissions across its lifecycle (cradle-to-gate or cradle-to-grave) is a specific form of carbon accounting. This knowledge not only drives innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage but also propels sustainability improvements. At Planckton Data, we take a systematic approach to identify emission events throughout the entire product life cycle. Leveraging open standards such as WBCSD PACT Pathfinder and Together for Sustainability (TfS), we ensure interoperability, precise allocations, calculations, and effective management of scope 1, 2, and 3 data across the value chain. Simplify your corporate PCF capability with improved accuracy, automation, and data management principles that enable the enterprise to accelerate environmental objectives.



Boost insights for emission goals.
Lower analysis costs.
Make better decarbonization decisions.

Get actionable decarbonization options today to achieve your lower carbon goals tomorrow. Our data-driven algorithm approach generates tailored strategies based on a pool of global information and rapid scenario modelling, producing customized recommendations supported by predictive emissions reduction analysis and cost curves. The analytic service employs advanced modelling techniques to simulate different decarbonization scenarios. It explores various combinations of renewable energy integration, electrification, energy efficiency improvements, carbon capture technologies, and other sustainable practices. 

Decarbonization Options Modelling and Automated Reporting: A Case Study for Offshore Oil & Gas Operator

Delve into the collaboration between a prominent global oil and gas operator and Planckton Data, revealing their journey toward a profound comprehension of emissions. This partnership not only streamlined automated emissions accounting and reporting but also crafted a data-driven and actionable decarbonization pathway, showcasing a pioneering approach in the industry.

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