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Nature's Inspiration for Sustainability

We found the inspiration for our name in the enchanting world of phytoplankton. These tiny organisms hold a remarkable secret—they capture a staggering 40% of the Earth’s carbon through the magic of photosynthesis, akin to the green giants of the terrestrial world. Just as they tirelessly absorb carbon from the atmosphere, we at Planckton Data are committed to making an enormous difference in the realm of sustainability.

Our emblem, a stylized Methane molecule, symbolizes unwavering resolve. Methane, with its potent global warming potential, represents our dedication to confronting hard-to-solve sustainability problems head-on. The extra “C” in our name signifies our primary focus on addressing carbon emissions and solving sustainability challenges.

In essence, our mission mirrors the indomitable spirit of phytoplankton. We harness data, innovation, and scale to combat climate change, making waves in sustainability just like these tiny oceanic heroes. We are not merely a company; we are stewards of a mission—to help you navigate the labyrinth of sustainability and achieve net zero climate impact.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership team, with a combined experience of over a 100 years, offers a combination of deep data and strong industry knowledge, paired with AI-powered platform implementation expertise and a keen understanding of global emissions management frameworks and standards.
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Planckton Data

Robin Goswami

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Startups | $500 MM P&L | CXO Relationships

Infosys | Noah Consulting | Energistics
Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer : Planckton Data

Sandeep Roy

Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer

Digital Platforms | ESG | Net Zero

Hoechst | McKinsey & Company | Infosys
Managing Partner, Services : Planckton Data

Jim Soos

Managing Partner, Services

Energy Data Management | PPDM

Infosys | Noah Consulting | IBM

Cheif Revenue Officer : Planckton Data

Rahul Malhotra

Chief Revenue Officer

Revenue Growth | Marketing | Partnerships

Wood Mackenzie | DXC | Infosys | Bharat Petroleum

Global Head- Platform Deployments : Planckton Data

Atul Prakash

Global Head - Platform Deployments

Startups | Solution Design | Implementations

HighRadius | Infosys | Paymentus

Vineet Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Building Business-Relevant Products | Digital Solutions

Infosys | Stryker | Wipro | F5

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board comprises experienced and knowledgeable professionals who offer strategic advice, industry insights, and guidance to the executive team.
Climate Scenario Analyst

Usha Pillai

Carbon Footprints | Climate Scenario Analysis

IBM | Oracle
Climate Expert

Madhu Janardan

Entrepreneur | Technologist

Climate Expert

Shawn Wharton

CIO | Digital Leader

bp | Shell

Data Management Expert

Stewart Nelson

Data Management Entrepreneur | Digital Leader

Noah Consulting

AI and Platform Expert

Harish Kulkarni

AI & Platform Technologist

Google | Microsoft

Our Global Team

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