Sustainability Data Management

Navigating emissions challenges with Planckton Data's proprietary solution - Sustainability Data Management as a Service (SDMaaS).

Sustainability Data Management

An Overview

In today’s rapidly evolving sustainability landscape, effective data management is crucial for addressing emissions challenges and meeting compliance requirements. Planckton Data’s integrated SDM solution, called Sustainability Data Management as a Service (SDMaaS) transforms corporate decisions by providing accurate, trusted, and actionable insights. Our solutions simplify compliance processes, automate data collection, and help businesses align their sustainability goals with industry standards.

By implementing Planckton Data’s Sustainability Data Management as a Service (SDMaaS), organizations can tackle sustainability challenges with confidence and clarity. Here’s what you can expect when you choose SDMaaS:

Align Data with Sustainability Goals

Our solution ensures your data practices are in sync with your organization’s sustainability objectives.

Future-Proof Data Against Regulations

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with a flexible framework that maintains compliance.

Formulate Resilient, Forward-Looking Sustainability Strategies

Develop robust strategies that adapt to both current and future sustainability requirements.

Optimize Sustainability Processes with Robust Data Principles

Streamline processes with strong data management, reducing manual tasks and enhancing efficiency.

The Challenges

Navigating a Dynamic Sustainability Environment

The journey toward sustainable business practices is filled with challenges, from navigating complex regulatory frameworks to dealing with data silos and heavy reliance on manual interventions. Many organizations struggle with:

Complex Regulatory

Adapting to ever-changing emissions regulations and ensuring compliance.

Reliance on Estimated
& Secondary Data

Difficulty in accessing primary data, leading to unreliable reporting.

Sustainability Data
in Silos

Fragmented data sources that hinder accurate emissions tracking.

Heavy Dependence on
Manual Intervention

Inefficient processes that slow down compliance and decision-making.

The Answer

Planckton Data's Sustainability Data Management as a Service (SDMaaS)

Sustainability Data Management as a Service (SDMaaS)

The Essentials Explained

Planckton Data’s Sustainability Data Management Solution (SDMaaS) is a comprehensive offering that addresses the complexities of sustainability data management.

Data Management
& Controls

A data-centric solution that encompasses a resilient data management framework with transformative data quality, controls, and governance.


Wide range of adaptors to seamlessly connect to the right data across the enterprise.

Calculations &

Extensive factory of emission factors and formulas in an easy-to-use calculation engine.

Regulations &

Comprehensive set of the most widely used global reporting and regulation frameworks.

Analysis &

Unlock sustainability data’s power with the platform for indispensable insights into decarbonization opportunities, forecasting, and monitoring.

Cloud Enabled

Secure, scalable, cost-effective, and innovative hosting available on major cloud platforms.

The Planckton Advantage

Unified Sustainability Data for Global Reporting and Actions

AI-First Data Strategy

We couple AI techniques with industry leading practices to enhance data quality, ensuring the right data is discoverable, accurate, relevant, and timely.

Open Standard Data Model

Our solutions are built on recognized global standards for interoperability and easy integration with other systems.

Pre-Built Business Accelerators

We make use of our proprietary honeycomb architecture that leverages pre-built components specific to your industry segment, tailored to reduce deployment risk and accelerate your sustainability journey.

Empowering Sustainable Decision-Making

with Planckton Data

At Planckton Data, we are revolutionizing corporate decision-making through sustainable innovation in data management. Our integrated solution, SDMaaS simplifies and automates compliance processes, providing timely, accurate, and trusted information for actionable insights. Seamlessly integrated with business processes, our solutions empower your organization to navigate the dynamic sustainability environment with confidence.

We are here to support your
organization’s sustainability goals.

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