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Manage sustainability data in every domain – energy, emissions, waste, water, air – seamlessly, automating collection and transformation to swiftly generate actionable insights without disrupting your existing systems.

Make informed financial, production, and operational decisions with AI powered insights and domain co-pilots.

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Seamless data
data compliance.
Enhanced interoperability through efficient API integration.

Ensure connectivity to right data sources to measure your organization and product’s sustainability impact and generate precise insights. Our automated discovery and integration capabilities seamlessly interface with existing systems, sensors, and third-party data sources, to establish smooth data ingestion. Our platform’s data model adheres to universal standards like ISO, GHG Protocol, and WBCSD Pathfinder (Scope 3), forming a solid foundation.

Planckton Application Program Interfaces (APIs) facilitate seamless data exchange and reduce data costs as the organization’s sustainability requirements expand. Digitized customer journeys, capture real-time, granular data.


Streamlined sustainability
Enhanced calculation
Ensuring compliance with
the latest standards.

At Planckton Data, we guide you through the complexities of emissions management. Our platform offers a wealth of emission factors libraries, Global Warming Potentials (GWPs), and reference data. Leveraging the Open Footprint standard, our proprietary calculation engines are constantly updated with the latest global regulatory reporting standards and reference values, to make sure the best data is always available to guide decision-making and ensure compliance.


Real-time insights into sustainability impact.

Automated regulatory and voluntary reporting (GRI, CDP, EPA, CSRD, CA SB 253).

Framework automations (product carbon footprint, GIIGNL).

The Planckton platform offers detailed, real-time of your your operational impact on sustainability metrics. The platform facilitates automated reporting with ready-to-use templates for disclosure standards such as GRI, CDP, EPA, CSRD, CA SB 253, and more. We provide automations to develop industry and product footprint assessments. We offer a range of dashboards and analytics tools to extract greater value from the emissions data gathered across your organization, including advanced features like emissions disaggregation, intensity measurement and marginal abatement cost curves.


Gain insights into decarbonization opportunities.

Decarbonization analytics.

Achieve effective emissions

Unlock the power of the Planckton platform for indispensable insights into decarbonization opportunities and a range of intervention options, all enhanced by cutting-edge AI and machine learning models. By mastering emissions management, your company gains the ability to drive data-powered decisions, leading to heightened revenue, cost reduction, risk mitigation, and an enhanced corporate reputation.

Empower your business with forward-looking sustainable strategies.

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