Decarbonization Options Modelling and Automated Reporting: A Case Study for Offshore Oil & Gas Operator

Decarbonization Options Modelling and Automated Reporting: A Case Study for Offshore Oil & Gas Operator

Background & Objectives:

A global oil and gas operator with deepwater offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico, which represents 5% of their global Scope 1 combustion emissions. To accelerate their decarbonization efforts, they partnered with Planckton Data to map emissions hotspots and power consumption and to automate emissions accounting and reporting for regulatory and voluntary disclosures.

Additionally, they aimed to evaluate emissions reduction technologies, such as next-generation solar PV, batteries, hybrid e-drive systems, and synthetic fuels, against the cost of fuel-gas-based generation, considering both the gas and carbon costs. This comprehensive analysis would enable the creation of carbon price-based scenarios for informed decision-making and investment decisions.

Approach and Solution:

To achieve the organization’s objectives, we initiated a mapping of the facility’s emissions business process, with a focus on identifying emission sources and power consumption points for a disaggregated view. We determined emissions intensity by identifying key operational processes and gained valuable insights for optimizing energy consumption.

As a proof of concept, we implemented our AI-powered platform, showcasing the capabilities of automated carbon accounting and reporting, dashboard monitoring, and advanced analytics.

Value Created:

Identification of numerous optimization opportunities emerged through our collaborative efforts. By seamlessly integrating GHG data into the Open Footprint model, the client gained enhanced data-sharing capabilities. Our streamlined reporting process suggestions significantly reduced manual efforts and errors for the client, ensuring timely compliance with regulatory requirements. The advanced analytics models provided valuable insights into various decarbonization options, setting the stage for informed decision-making and laying the groundwork for future strategic actions for a sustainable and efficient operational future.

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